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Winner Optimist 1638 for sale Sail number IRL 1638. Hull November 2019 Winner Optimist. Used only in 3 events. Comes with Optimax Rudder, Optimax Daggerboard, MK4 mast, MK3 Sprit, MK4 Boom, Paddle, mast clamp, toestraps, top and bottom covers, gold / yellow trolley, bailers, buoyancy bags etc All of the above used only in one event 2 OneSail Heavy Plus, one of which used in only one event, and the other in excellent training condition Race ready with all measurement papers and paperwork €4600 4600 0878214872
Woooden Oppie Any wooden oppies out there in tip top condition ? Duffin built or similar build quality ... 1 00447788146549
Optimist 1595 IRL 1595 Winner optimist- In perfect condition. Ex worlds boat 2017, was raced for one season in 2018 and has been stored indoors since. Boat comes with DSK foils, 2 J red sails (one training and one racing with very little use), MK4 mast, MK4 boom and MK3 sprit. The boat comes ready to race with all Certs and measurement papers. Also includes winner spars cover, winner foils cover and winner top and bottom covers. PRICE-€3000 3000 0862594012
IRL 1627 FOR SALE Perfect condition Winner Team 2019 and Dinghy Performance Race Team 2020. Fully equipped, MK3 mast and sprit and MK4 boom comes with Winner spars covers. Racing DSK rudder and daggerboard with winner foils’ bag. Winner top and bottom covers with extra waterproof cover. Sails: ‘One’ sails - 1 training 1 racing, both in excellent condition. Launching trolly. Ready to race with certs and measurement papers - ready to go! 3950 0858199355
1502 Winner Team Optimist In good condition and ready to race. Comes with trolley (rubber wheels) along with: x4 Sails all in good condition - x3 J-Blue Sails (1 Racing & 2 Training) and a J-Green Training Sail; N1 Mark 2 Black Spars. Flex Dagger Board & N1 Rudder. Hiking Straps, x3 Air Bags, Paddle, Mast Clamp, Main Sheet, Wind Indicator, Ronston Orbit Series 55 Ratchet Block. Winner Spars, Foil Bags, Bottom Cover & Top Cover (ripped). Call for more details and picture. 1550 0872447791
IRL 1536 winner optimist IRL 1536 winner optimist boat in excellent condition for sale. Comes complete and ready to race with optimist trolley with large prematic wheels. Has 2 Olympic Happy sails 1 training and 1 racing Also comes with an Olympic Gold racing sail in excellent condition As well as MK 3 mast MK 4 boom and MK 4 sprit DSK Flex dagger board and N1 rudder Includes paddle,3 air bags, mast clamp, toe straps, 2 wind indicators, ronston series 55 orbit main sheet ratchet block auto & manual , main sheet, winner top and bottom covers and winner spar and foil bags. Measurement book and sail certs accompanying boat. Photos available on request Price €1950 Phone 0872503625 or email 1950 0872503625
Winner Optimist for sale Winner IRL 1592 for sale - perfect condition - raced for 1 season (2018) - stored indoors since - DSK foils - Optimax IV spars - J Red x 2 - 3 events on each - choice of Winner/Zhik 360 hiking straps - all certs - comes with brand new hiking bench and SPARE tiller extension, carbon burgee, mast clamp, mast collar, painter - ready to WIN 3000 0872243171
Double Optimist / Laser trailer Extra strength Half Ton (Max 500Kg ), 2 tier fully galvanized dinghy trailer with top and rear loading. This trailer comes with larger wheels and mudguards, reinforced lid, stiffer mainframe and 2 mast / sail tubes. It will carry anything from an Oppie to a Laser. This trailer is in good condition. Pictures by request. 850 +353858505276
IRL1520 Optimist for sale Optimist for sale. In excellent condition, with limited use. Excellent boat for racing. Price includes brand new racing J Sail Blue Model 2.0, never used worth €385 . Full set of spars, 2x sails, daggerboard & rudder with bag, new top cover and under cover. Launch trailer, spares – sails, airbags, ties, mast clamps, etc. Sailed out of NYC. Can view face to face or over FaceTime. 1685 00353868241241
Optimist IRL 1585 Blue blue oppy in excellent condition.All gear.J Blue racing sail and J Blue training sail. All certs . Ready to race. 1350 0878108565
Winner 3D Flex IRL 1597 June 2017 Winner 3D Flex in excellent condition. MK3 Spars, N1 Rudder and DSK Flexis Daggerboard. Winner Top & Bottom Covers, Winner Foil Bag and Spar Bag. Sails : 1x Olimpic Red (Training) & 2 x J Blue (One Training, One Racing). Launching Trolley. Complete boat ready to race with all certs and measurement papers. Stored indoors in Dublin. 2200 0866845330
Starter Oppie for sale Ideal starter Oppie for sale. Sail (GBR 5447) mast, clamp, blocks, all sheets, trailer. Well cared for, perfect for beginners. Currently in Foxrock. Price € 475. 475 0872565691
1524 Optimist BluBlu Optimist (2014) for sale. Excellent condition and ready to race. Price includes: Racing sail, training sail, sail bag, MK3 spars, foils and foil bag, launching trolley, bow protector, mast clamp, paddle, bailer, buoyancy bags & all measurement certs. 1450 0876100200
Optimist North Sail ARG Light XL-08 Optimist North Sail ARG Light XL-08 Training Sail for sale. Available in Crosshaven, contact Gemma on 086 8708 905 100 0868708905
Optimist Win Design DOS Sail Optimist Win Design DOS Training Sail for sale. Available in Crosshaven on 086 8708 905 100 0868708905
Optimist V6 North Sail Optimist V 6 North Sail, brand new racing sail, (sailed for trials event only), comes with measurement cert, costs €500 new will sell for €250, available in Crosshaven, contact Gemma on 086 8708 905 250 0868708905
Far East Optimist IRL 1480 Far East Optimist IRL1480. In excellent condition, one owner from new and a very well cared for boat. Fully race prepared, equipped with top and bottom covers, North sail, original Far East foils and spars, bailers, praddle, mast clamp, burgee, ropes and ties along with a launching trolley. Comes with measurement and certificate book. Has been in dry storage. Available for immediate sale in Crosshaven, contact Gemma on 086 8708905 1900 0868708905
Winner Optimist IRL 1446 Racing & training sails. Dagger board and rudder in excellent condition. Spars, Black and Gold. 2 sail bags, Foils bag, Top cover. Launching Trolley, Balers, Paddle, etc 1200 0878099107
Optimist Sail Wanted Looking for a sail for an optimist any price up to 100 euro 100 0858056858
Winner IRL 1592 Winner IRL 1592 for sale - perfect condition - raced for 1 season (2018) - stored indoors since - DSK foils - Optimax IV spars - J Red x 2 - 3 events on each - choice of Winner/Zhik 360 hiking straps - loads of spares 3000 0872243171
OneSail - Medium + Sail in near perfect condition - used for less than five days sailing 375 0868326799
Optimist Dinghy Good starter boat Sail 1452s. Based in Howth. 500 0877984411
Optimist Dinghy Optimist 1552 2015 nautievela hull, brand new J-red racing sail and Olympic platinum training sail full set of spars and foils completely ready to race with all certs. Based in Howth. 2000 0877984411
Optimist for sale Attractively priced package of lightly-used racing optimist, launching trolley and box road trailer for sale. 1. Blue2 racing optimist, sail number IRL 1513. In excellent condition, with limited use. Excellent boat for racing. Full set of spars, 2x sails, daggerboard & rudder with bag, boat cover. 2. 1 launch trailer in excellent condition; 3. 1 box road trailer which can take 2 boats. Good condition; 4. Multiple spares – sails, airbags, ties, mast clamps, etc 2300 0862336037
Optimist sailing dingy A loved winner , in great , condition , racing foils , measurement certificate, tapered mainsheet system, adjustable mainsheet purchase system , j sail as new 1000 0877766433
Optimist sailing dingy Wooden optimist, ready to sail , in good condition 300 0877766433
Optismist trailer with sail holder Optismist road trailer with sail holder 525 0876983214
Optismist wooden vintage won races Vintage wooden boat used in events with a new race sail and training sail. Launch trailer. Newly updated out with various parts. 725 0876983214
IRL 1594 winner optimist SOLD - IRL 1594 winner optimist Optimist boat in excellent condition for sale and comes complete and ready to race with Oppie trailer. Much loved and only used for two seasons. Has two J Blue sails (one training, one racing). as well as MK3 mast, MK4 boom, and MK3flex sprit and DSK flexis dagger board and N1 M rudder (comes with N1 M dagger board for training). Includes: paddle, 3 airbags, mast clamp, toe straps, trolley, mainsheet and two top covers (optiparts), one bottom cover. Photos available on request. 2400 0879861285
Topper or Topaz Wanted Moving up from an Opie and looking for a Topper or Topaz 20000 0861634530
Topper Rudder For Sale Topper rudder for sail Perfect for any topper sailor In good condition Based in Dublin 150 0877973131
Optimist 1506 For Sale Optimist 1506 Denmark 3D Star For Sale and in excellent condition Suitable for Junior and Senior Fleet racing Includes 3 sails, North Sail R2 Racing sail, Olympic Platinum training sail and a P&B Power X Cut Sail. All in excellent condition Includes optimist BLACK-GOLD mast, boom, sprit and sail bags Optiparts daggerboard and rudder included Boat ready to sail and includes birdie, sail ties, rigging components, mainsheet, mast clamp, buoyancy bags, Optiparts top and bottom cover and aluminium trolley with anti-puncture wheels all in superb condition Includes all necessary paperwork for competing at a regional, national and international level Pictures available upon request Boat based in Dublin 2000 0877973131
NEW Irl 1628 j-sail red Very new j-sail red - used once only with all documents, numbers as sailboat included. Current available for viewing in ballsbridge - please fell free to contact me at any time. Thanks Michael. 400 0872858944
Starter oppie for sale Optimist (IRL I379) for sale. Blue design on back of hull. This boat is in very good condition and has won races in the past. It comes fully rigged and ready to race including a training and a racing sail. Its hull is in excellent condition. It is available in North Dublin with photos available. Feel free to enquire for more info. 1100 0857259695
Optimist 1437 1437 Optimist in good condition. Has been sailed at events and for winter training, so is well maintained. Comes ready to sail with three J blue sails, mast, boom, sprit, dagger board, clamp, paddles, bailers, buoyancy bags, trailer, top & bottom covers, etc. Top cover and buoyancy bags were new last year. Last oppie in the family, so comes with lots of spares - unused bumper, extra buoyancy bag, new tiller handle, etc. In RIYC. 1200 +353876740301
Begginer Oppie Winner Optimus with papers - IRL 1193 beginner Oppie for sale,Grey in colour. Sail, foils, buoyancy bags, burgie, mast, mast clamp, bailers, new tiller extension, trailer and well used cover. Currently in RIYC Dublin. Contact for photos and more information. Sarah Flannery 950 0876776955
Starter Oppie for sale Starter Oppie for sale. It has the foils, the spars, sail, mast clamp, blocks, bailers, bumper, all the ropes (eg painter and mainsheet) a trailer and a cover. The universal joint of the tiller extension is broken, however this can be fixed easily and cheaply. It also does not have documents, however this is not relevant for starter oppies. Currently in Ballsbridge. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks Naomi 600 0872858944
IRL Optimist 1303 For sale Fully equipped racing boat with Aluminium Trailer, Foils in good condition, 2x training sails, 1x racing sail, full set of certs, top cover in near perfect condition, 2x bailers, 3x buoyancy bags, Paddle. Hull in excellent condition. For more details/pictures get in touch. 950 0868564575
IRL 1324 Winner Optimist **SOLD** Fully race ready, Winner optimist. All foils and spars , new tiller. Two Olimpic sails 1 training 1 race in v good condition. Avail Dublin/Dun Laoghaire. Full measurement certs. Contact Gillian 1150 0872792111
Wanted Optimist Hi, Looking for an Optimist for a beginner sailor. Must be in good condition with hull, sails, foils, trolley etc ready to sail this season. Please email me photos with sail number and list of whats included in the sale price and your location please. Thanks and regards Mark 1000 0861274273
NEW "Harty Pro" Optimist Brand NEW "Harty Pro" Optimist, has spent 5 years in the mould so is really stiff, comes with, Hull complete with Fredrickson blocks TAB competition foils Top & Bottom cover Silver spars Paddle No Sail 2900 0863717241
Optimist For Sale Sail No. 1537 Carter Optimist For Sale (in good condition) complete with launching trolley, racing sails, training sails, top and bottom dinghy park covers and travel top/ bottom covers, centreboard bag, measurement certs, buoyancy bags, paddle, bailers, mast clamp, mainsheet and burgee included, available to view Dun Laoghaire. Contact Sean 0876643731 1700 0876643731
Laser 4.7 For Sale Laser 189597 for sale. Boat is in excellent, ready to race condition. Full set of foils with carbon tiller and tiller extension. 4.7 mast and boom, full XD system with 4 sails, two used for training, one race and one new sail with only 8 hours logged. Boat comes with top and bottom cover, cover for foils, spars and sails and a launch trolley. Email for pictures and more information. €2,700 2700 0877674398
Gul Drysuit and Underfleece Gul Junior Dartmouth Eclip Zip Drysuit and Underfleece. Size JS. Dark Grey / Red. Perfect condition, only worn 4 times. 200 0876471048
Sailing clothing Selection of used sailing gear for sale: Super therms/skins Rooster size 2XS Hot Top Rooster size S Base layers Win design boots size 7. 20 0868322069
Optimist 1615 Far East Optimist (2010). Good condition. Fully equipped Olympic sail and sail bag, black gold spars with spar bag, foils with foil bag. Padded bottom cover and waterproof top cover. Launching trolly Howth. 1000 858199355
Optimist R4 Radial Sail In excellent condition. Used for two events only. This sail is ideal for sailors above 42kg. 200 0876176983
1521 BluBlu Optimist Boat in excellent condition. Fully equipped for racing, complete with top and bottom covers, launching trolley and all measurement certs. Located in Rathmines, Dublin 1600 0876176983
Optimist 1254 Optimist 1254 Optimist in good condition. One olympic training sail, foils and spares, mast clamp, rudder, center board, three buoyancy bags all in good condition. Paddle, bailer, top and bottom cover and launching trailer also included. Available to view in Royal Cork Yacht Club. 1000 0873682604
Wanted Optimist Good condition Winner Optimist wanted for my daughter who has progressed beyond novice stage. 1000
1549 Winner Optimist 1549 Winner Optimist in excellent condition. Comes with 4 J Sails. Ready to race / sail with everything in perfect condition. Launching trolley, DSK Foils & Foils Bag, Bottom Travel Covers Dingy. All measurement certs. Available now at the NYC Dublin 2140 0876839397 2130 0876839397
Winner Optimist IRL1610 2017 Worlds charter boat. 3D Star Hull. Spars MK4 sprit MK3. Excellent condition - stored indoors in Dublin. Two North MZ X5 sails (one almost new). Ned Pro Top and Bottom cover. Extensive spares kit (sailor leaving fleet). 3200 0872454167
Optimist IRL 1453 Nautivela. Very good condition, Ready to Race, Comes with all the usual bits and pieces, Black Gold Spars, N1 Foils, Top and Bottom Cover. Launching trolley. Also comes with 3 JBlue Sails 1 new only used in 4 events this Year - other 2 sails in great condition. 1700 0879826320
## SOLD ## 1535 Winner Optimist 1535 Winner Optimist in excellent condition. Comes with 5 J Sails (2 Green, 1 Blue & 2 Red) Ready to race / sail with everything in perfect condition. Foils & Foils Bag Spars & Spars Bag Spare Sprit Top & Bottom Travel Covers Dingy Park Cover 2150 0831023171
Winner Team 2018 IRL1600 SOLD 3D star special Hull equipped, Trolley,DSK Dynamic & N1 foils, MK4 mast, MK4 boom, BlackGold sprit, Top & Bottom Covers,4 J Red sails, 1 which only sailed a European event. Please contact for any further information. Aine 3300 0877674398
Tiller/Rudder & daggerboard Hi I am looking for Tiller/Rudder & daggerboard for an optimist, Dublin area thank you 1 0868063051
N1 Lightweight foils N1 lightweight foils and bag for sale. Ideal upgrade for junior sailor or training. Foils in very good condition, bag is well used. Available in Howth. 120 0868388906
1229 Harty hull Optimist for sale 1229 Harty hull optimist for sale. Optimist itself in perfect condition. Comes with two perfect condition Olympic happy sails. (One that is only after 3 uses). Boat only gets use for sailing course and is stored in shed for rest of year. Perfect boat for anybody starting out. Call 0858707297 for more details 1190 0858707297
Crewsaver Razor Junior Drysuit Size J4 Junior Drysuit including under fleece and carry bag. In very good condition. Made entirely from breathable waterproof fabric for temperature and moisture regulation, with internal braces for a custom fit, soft neoprene neck and wrist seals and a strategically placed flexible front zip, this drysuit is built for user comfort. Taped internal seams ensure waterproof durability, and reinforced seat and knee areas mean this drysuit is built to last. Cork Area. 175 0872647355
Optimist Sailing Dinghy Optimist, c/w all equipment, covers and launching trailer. Contact Kathrine in Kinsale. 950 0872314824
Trailer for oppie Oppie trailer with sail holder dunmore east and sail for oppie 100 euros. Camp area available in garden for oppie munsters event. Boat parking .Separate price. 800 0876983214
Optimist for Sale Optimist, trailer & new cover available immediately in Sutton Buoyancy aids also 650 0876125720
Optimist IRL1592 Winner Optimist - Full race spec 3250 0872243171
Optimist IRL 1484 Nautivela Hull. 2 North Racing Sails in excellent Condition with Sail Bags. One North Training Sail in good condition. Black Gold Spars. Mast Clamp, Ronstan Series 55 Orbit Mainsheet Ratchet Block Auto & Manual, Foot Straps, Launching Trolly, Far East Top and Bottom Covers, Foil Bags, Buoyancy Bags, Two bailers, Two praddles, New Windex, Measurement Certs and Registration books, in excellent condition and ready to race. 1485 0862324709
Ribcraft 585 Yamaha 115 four-stroke Ribcraft 585 for sale , retubed in grey hypalon recently. Immaculate Yamaha 115hp four-stroke with upgraded stainless steel prop and Yamaha immobilizer system. Only 230 hours runtime. Complete with heavy duty braked beeline road trailer with new axle just fitted. -vhf -lowrance GPS -yamaha immobilizer system with 2 remote's -stainless steel A frame Amazing boat in rough sea's handle's exceptionally well. Very solid and safe boat. Easily towed and handled by one person. Very economical to run and great power. Ideal coaching or sailing support rib 17950 0872051834
Winner Optimist IRL 1430 Optimist Boat in excellent condition. 2018 MK4 spars and foils (incl. bag) and 1 red J sail. Spare training spars and foils. 2 additional sails; 1 red J sail and training sail; top and bottom transportation covers; launching trolley; mast clamp; 2 praddles; 2 bailers; sundry spares. All measurement certs included. One owner since new. Available to view south Dublin. 1500 0868386275
Winner Optimist IRL 1490 Optimist Boat in excellent condition. MK3 spars, numerous training sails, top cover and bottom cover for transportation, 4:1 Mainsheet system, 2 bailers, praddle, mast clamp. Launching trolley. All measurement certs included. Race ready, just completed 2019 Trials. Call or text Breccene. 1450 0879160000
Brownlow double stack trailer Brownlow Double Stack Trailers 900 0872554519
Optimist Boat Looking an optimist for a beginner 500 0852751527
orange winner flex's boat IRL1586 orange winner flex's boat ready to race and win late 2017 boat in great condition full set of spars and DSK foils, launching trailer. based in cork 3650 862452822
Topper Dinghy for Sale Topper for sale - Red Hull Sail no 46607 Approx 10 years old In very condition New Mast and bailer installed recently Winning boat in Topper Worlds in 2010 Blackrock, Co Dublin 1400 0876593017
Dry Suit - Kids Dry Suit for sale - Crewsaver Hyperdry Pro Neo Drysuit Size J4 in excellent condition Used twice 180 0876593017
Winner Optimist IRL1557 Winner Optimist Singapore hull (2nd at 2015 worlds) ready to go. The boat was built in 2015 included: mast, sprit, boom, centreboard, rudder, tiller. launching trolley, top and bottom covers. Exceptionally well cared for. 2050 862452822
Gill Drysuit Junior Medium Gill drysuit, size junior medium, used for one winter and in very good condition. Ideal for Optimist winter sailing in Baltimore, canoeing and all water based activities. Send email and will forward photographs 150 0871325622
Gill Drysuit Size Junior Large Never Used Gill drysuit, size junior large, never used, shop tags still attached Ideal for Optimist winter sailing in Baltimore, canoeing and all water based activities. Send email and will forward photographs. 280 0871325622
Oppie - IRL1286 for sale Harte Oppie 1286 in excellent condition, race ready with certs. One Olimpic training sail (V. good condition), & little used Zaoli race sale (excellent condition). Optiparts foils, spars (black / gold), and bags. Top & bottom covers, trolley, paddle, bailer etc. Wintered indoors, & located Galway city, photos available. 1100 0872458109
Oppie for sale; sail No. 1422 Oppie in excellent condition. sail no. 1422. One red J sail only used in trials and nationals last year (excellent condition). One blue J sail only used in regional events last year (also excellent condition). 2 training sails. 2 gold and black booms. extra set of foils. covers and trolley etc. race ready with all certs. 1200 0866041764
Drysuit for sale. Gill junior medium dry suit for sale. Excellent condition. €120. Call Rob on 0868322069 150 0868322069
New Vangard 5M Rib ** REDUCED ** Was €24,000 Centre Jockey Console 60 HP Mercury 4 Stroke Engine Single Axel Multi Roller Road Trailer 23000 0863413667
Optimist for sale Sail no 1237. Optimist in good condition with all necessary equipment to incl almost new racing sail,trolley and top cover. Located in Oranmore, Co Galway 800 0868874540
Optimist Bottom Cover Optimist Magic Marine Waterproof Bottom Cover for Sale 100 0861764363
Optimist Sail Wanted I'm looking for a second hand sail for a lighter sailor (< 30kg). Dublin area preferably. 100 0872374591
383 STROKER SHORT BLOCK CHEVY ENGINE CHEVROLET N383 SPARE PARTS Name CHEVROLET ENGINE OE No. ENGINE BLOCK CORE HOLE PLUG Car Model CHEVROLET 383 Other supply Spain, Advantage Standard export branded or export carton , ensure the long time sea shipment FOR SALE 1500 45678900987
Optimist Winner Mark 1348 - Great Value Included - Trolley; Black and Gold Mast, Sprit and Boom; Top Cover and sail. Only two previous owners. Optimist is in Dun Laoghaire area. Its a much loved and a little worn - a Perfect Starter Opi for your young sailor. 650 0866030556
IRL1491 For sale Winner IRL 1491 for sale. Complete boat with some recent part replacements. North Sails and all certs in place. 1750 0866000898
Olympic Platinum sail Never Used 150 0878142644
Wanted Beginners Optimist Looking for a beginners optimist in reasonable condition suitable for some club racing also. Cork / Munster area 0 0879582657
Winner Optimist 1506 Winner Optimist 1506 for Sale. Excellent Condition, Race Ready. Olimpic Platinum Sail, (+Training Sail), Black Gold Spars, 2 Praddles, 2 Bailers, N1 Foils and Foil Bag, Tapered Mainsheet, Spare Mast Clamp, Spare Sail Ties, Launching Trolley, Full Measurement Documentation, Bottom Cover. Based: Dun Laoghaire, Price: €2000.00 Contact Charlotte: 087 2475372 2000 0872475372
Squib for sale Squib sail No 245 6m one design sail boat. Prepared and ready to sail / race. Full set of sails including spinny. Hull recently re finished in two pack with top deck also re finished. All cleats and blocks are boxed within. New anti-foul just applied. The trailer is virtually new and with the tailored transportation / winter storage cover you can travel to events with confidence or store over winter without the need to bail every week. Price €3000 ono For more information please phone (087) 9136060 3000 0879136060
For Sale IRL 1406 IRL 1406 For Sale, Blue magic hull in excellent condition. . Black and Gold Spars with bag Foils like new with bag Top and bottom cover. Launching trolley. There are three sails. Two training sails and one race sail. . 1100 353878142644
Olimpic Happy sail Almost new Olimpic sail for sale. Used only in trails 2018. 300 0863134309
Optimist IRL 1454 VAN WETTUM boat in excellent condition, equipped with all spars, foils, 2 Olympic sails & all the usual accessories - bailers, paddle, mast clamp, buoyancy bags, burgee, trolley, top cover & bags for foils & spars. Stored indoors during winter. Measurement certs included. Price €1300 E-mail me at for photos. Phone 086 8218459 1300 0868218459
Blue blue optimist Blue blue racing optimist with black gold mast and boom racing sail and racing daggerboard and rudder also training sail and training daggerboard and rudder also paddle and Bailer and foilbag and also trolley Sail number 1191/1192 All paperwork included 1200 0868741678
Ribcraft 4.8m Ribcraft 4.8m Rib complete with 60HP Mariner 4 stroke engine . Blue Tubes, Snipe Road Trailer All in excellent condition. Located in Cork 8000 0879582657
Sail wanted Looking for a J Green sail (or Olimpic Red) suitable for a 30kg sailor 100 0876335693
Wanted RS Feva Wanted- Feva In good condition ready for immediate sailing 1500 0879017222
Optimist 1529 Good deal Blu Blu Optimist # 1529 for sale. Very well looked after so in great condition. All documents in order. Incl top & bottom covers, trolly, 1 training sail, 1 new racing sail. Spars, foils & foils bag + spares goodie bag! €2450. In Dun Laoghaire. Contact Brendan 086 8057357. 2450 0868057357
Sails wanted Looking for a J Green sail (or Olimpic Red) suitable for a 30kg sailor. 100 0876335693
Winner 1519 Excellent condition winner 3D star.Ready to race.4 sails all in good condition.3 J sails(reds and black),1 Olympic which is unused.Trolley has solid wheels.Top and bottom covers.N1 foils.Various spares for trolley and boat.Located in Malahide. 2700 0860566472
WINNER DENMARK RACE OPTIMIST Optimist . Sail no 1466, Year 2012, Previously used for Racing . 2 sails, 2 dagger boards, 2 rudders, Mas Bag, Top & Bottom cover, small trolley. Ready to go . Original papers available. 1500 0872675090
Optimist Wanted Optimist (preferably Winner) wanted. Sail number in the 1500s. Lighter sails would be a bonus. 2000 0876335693
Thule Roof bars for FORD SMAX (2006-2015) Thule SquareBar 762 Thule Rapid System 753 Thule kit 3030 Excellent condition (18 months old). €150 ono 150 0868388899
Olimpic Happy sail Suitable for 37 to 42 Kg sailor, used for 4 days only in Nationals. €375 to buy new looking for €220 220 0862434096
Optimist Racing Sail NEVER USED Unused Windesign Sail which has never left it's case. BLANK. For sale at €300. Email, ring, or text for further information. Also have a beginner Optimist with wooden rudder and daggerboard. Has not been in the water for years. Also for sale at €300 Opti and brand new racing sail for €600 300 0833725247
Nautivela Optimist IRL 1531 - 3 years old, in great condition. - Comes with foils and foils bag, spars, 2 bailers, praddle and mast clamp. - 3 racing sails in perfect condition and 1 training sail in very good condition. - Bottom and top covers. - Launching trolley. - All measurement certs included. 2100 0872259905
Winner Optimist Winner optimist Sail no. 1434 Include 2 sail fresh sails,rudder & centerboard in foils bag,all spares, good launching trolley and perfect cover. Registration book The boat is in perfect condition so as all the spares,sails etc.. Boat can be seen in Kinsale 1650 0872051834
3.5 Metre Brig Rib for Sale.15 HP Johnson Engine 3.5 Metre Brig Rib for Sale 15 HP 4 Stroke Johnson Engine Centre Console Road Trailer with new Wheel Bearings Ideal for Events/ Coaching 3500 0876387071
Optimist Sail Olimpic Platinum Optimist sail, suitable for >46 kg Sailors. Good condition, used for one season only. Measurement cert included. 100 0866738102
Optimist Wanted Winner Optimist wanted 1200 0868345623
Double Oppie Trailer Good Condition Priced to sell as kids out of Oppies Based in Dun Laoghaire 350 0857494167
420 for sale Sail No 53576 Ready to sail, Nautivela hull with Zaoli sails, full sheets, kicker, out haul, down haul, trapeze wires, all halyards, launching trolly.Top racing spars and foils Priced to sell €1,800 In DunLaoghaire 1800 0857494167
RS Feva Dinghy For Sale, nicest RS Feva in Ireland, 7 months old, main sail only used for 4 days so far, spinnaker & jib also like new. Decals on sails as above. Racing outhaul, downhaul, adjustable bridle, allen & harken blocks. Mast, rudder, centreboard, sail and parts bags for everything. Includes launch trolley. Upgraded ropes & improvements to rigging. €4,500.00 Available for inspection at RSGYC." Contact (087)2431974. 4500 0872431974
Optimist for sale Sail number 710, ideal beginner boat, sail, foils, mast, boom, sprit and top cover, launching trolley 550 0876882084
Optimist (Far East) Sail no 1327, in good condition, launching trolley, padded under cover, top cover, comes with a regular rig (sail, foils, mast, boom and sprit, and bags) and a second racing rig (sail, foils, mast, boom and sprit and bags). Measurement certificates. 1300 0876882084
Wanted Jsail green or olimpic red oppie sail Wanted for 30kg sailor the smallest oppie sail, such as Jsail green or olimpic red. Crosshaven based, will travel to collect as regularly traveling around Ireland for work. Thanks, Sean Pierse 0876322333 200 0876322333
J Blue sail Used for 2 events. Collect Dublin, Lough Derg or can be delivered. New €500. Selling for €250 Anne Barrington 250 0868211878
Optimist 1375 Optimist IRL 1375 for sale, Monsoon, good condition with launching trolley and spare sales one hardly used. 950 00353862332110
Optimist Car Trailer Double Bert Optimist Road Trailer. Super Box Storage for launching trolleys etc, Two Tubes and Spare Tyre (New). Here is a link to photos 850 0868500467
Optimist for sale Irl 611 Very good condition trolley and all bits supplied ready to go in the water. Located Crosshaven Co.Cork 950 0876791184
RS Feva dinghy Sail. Number 2512. Road trailer, launch trolley, One training spinnaker, One racing spinnaker, New main sail (used twice). 2400 0868124123
OPTIMIST -BLACK GOLD POWER MAST SET BLACKGOLD Optimist mast (EX900) BLACKGOLD POWER 45mm Optimist boom (EX945) BLACKMAX 29mm Optimist sprit (EX965 Supplied with rigging pack (EX13591) Used for only one season-With bag- Suitable for sailor of 45kg- Offer Euro 400.00 ono ( price new Euro 525.00) 400 0862395931
RIB Lencraft 4.2 Lencraft 4.2 RIB Excellent Support or Coach Boat, Very Well Maintained, Central seated Console with Windscreen and under seat storage, Separate inline Jockey Seat, two seats in total. Mercury 40 Hp with composite Oil Injection. 20” Hypalon Tubes, gery with blue stripes with no repairs. Pressure Relief Chambers Flat Rubbing Band Heavy Duty No Feed Back Cable Steering Colour Coded Non Slip Deck External Lifelines Stainless Steel Winch “U” Bolt 2 x Stainless Steel Transom Mounted Towing Eyes Electric Bilge Pump Mono Pole Navigation Lights Foot Pump Anchor with Chain & Rope. Brenderup Trailer with new Jockey wheel and Road wheels. 2 x new soft Fenders. 12v Charging Plug. 2 x cup Holders 25 litre removable fuel tank. New wrap around winter cover. Photos on request. 5950
Rooster super therm long johns and cag 1. JL rooster super therm long Johns for sale - excellent condition Cost 140 euro new -sell 80 euro 2. JL Black Rooster pro-aquafleece Cag - only worn once! Cost 80 euro Sell for 50 euro Available in Cork but can bring to Youth Nationals 0872633270 80 0872633270
Optimist IRL1426 Excellent Condition. Fully equiped with training sail and launching trolley. Based near Dunlaoghaire 1450 0868094859
Mersea 3 stacker trailer Great condition, fits Optimists, Toppers and Lasers, built in light board, spare wheel. Very good condition. 1200 0868177168
Olympic platinum sail Used for only one event. Excellent condition 360 0872502067
Winner optimist 1421 Sail number 1421. Full racing spec.built by Winner Optimist Denmark for the Winner team. Boat and equipment in very good condition. Launching trolley, top and bottom covers, spare foils. All measurement certs inc. boat may be viewed in Dalkey. 1700 0872502067
Triple Optimist Road Trailer A like new triple Mersea Optimist trailer. Trailer has six rigging tubes attached and comes with spare wheel and full lighting system. It has always been stored indoors when not in use. 1500
2 Dry Suits for sale 2 Dry suits for sale 1. Gull JL/XS adult adult worn for 1 day only! Fully waterproof 100 euro . 2. Gill dry suit - used but fully waterproof JL/XS adult 75 euro 100 0872633270
Oppie Dad Salopettes Brand new, never worn, tags still attached Henri Lloyd Ocean Pro hi fit size medium salopettes €380 ono 380
Wanted optimist Looking for an optimist around 800€ Would be able to collect at Baltimore training week 800 0870667272
Rooster Classic Junior Hiking Shorts The Rooster Classic Junior Hiking shorts have been designed with 10.5" batten pads and ´diamond´ neoprene to give both support and protection with longevity. The knee pads have been redesigned to give better protection and the use of more flexible neoprene behind the knee ensures a comfortable fit on all leg sizes and allows these Hikers to be worn over PolyPro Leggings, Hot Legs or a Thermaflex Long John. Non stretchy back panel now gives extra back support when the braces are crossed at the front. Size 1 available. Mint condition. Used once. 55 0868523230
Optimist top cover Optimist top cover in excellent condition Contact Jim McMahon for more info Thanks 160 +353868034980
Gill Drysuit Gill Drysuit as new -excellent condition -Waterproof - no leaks -Would suit tall optimist sailor -Size L Contact Jim McMahon for more info Thanks 210 suttonshore@gmail +353868034980
Triple Stacker Opti Trailer for Rent Hi Opti Parents, -I have a triple stacker Optimist trailer which is available to rent for Baltimore week. -The trailer is in very good condition and will comfortably fit 3 Optimists, spars, foils, bags and more. -The tail lights and the rest of the mechanics are all in order. Please email Jim McMahon if interested or for more details Thanks 100 +353868034980